Dad Noticed Something In His Rearview Mirror, So He Began To Film It…LOL!


From duck faces to Snapchat filters, kids today have a LOT of options when it comes to capturing the perfect selfie.

Back in my day, you had to take a photograph on an actual roll of film, then wait days or weeks for it to be developed. I can’t even count how many times I thought I’d taken a great photo, only to find out that someone had blinked or my thumb was obscuring the camera lens.

When father Rob Beckham saw his daughter making funny faces while taking pictures in the backseat, he immediately whipped out his phone and started recording. What he caught is hilarious — and if you’re a parent of a teenager, super familiar.

This is one photo shoot she’ll never live down!


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I hope she got the perfect shot after all that! Be sure to share this hysterical video with your friends who are a little too addicted to selfies.

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