He Took Photos of an Old Man Studying in the Streets—But There is a Bizarre Story behind It All!


He immediately took photos of the old man and posted them on social media—where netizens claim to know the old man!

Many children and teens of today take education for granted. With their parents financially backing them up, they feel like everything is going good for them, whether or not they excel in studying. So when netizen Bernard Nebria noticed this old man studying in the streets of Cavite, he felt happy and proud. That despite his age, this old man perseveres to study.

Bernard’s Facebook post read: ‘Papasok na ako sa school ng nakita ko to. Mas lalo ako na-inspire mag-aral nung nakita ko si lolo sa tabi ng kalsada sa LUMINA IMUS na may hawak na 7-8 notebook at pencil with elementary school uniform (I was on my way to school when I saw this. I felt inspired to study after I saw this grandpa studying along the street at LUMINA IMUS. He had 7-8 notebooks and a pencil with him, clad in an elementary school uniform).

Nakakaproud ka tatay. Godbless po (You make me feel proud. God bless you).

Kung sino yung mahirap  sila pa yung hindi makapag-aral, at kung sino pa ang mayaman, sila pa ang ayaw mag-aral (the impoverished cannot go to school even if they want to, while the rich refuse to go to school).

Though Bernard’s post aimed to show the importance of education to others—specifically pointing out that it is never too late to study—netizens pointed out that the old man was actually famous in the area as Nixon.

A few hours later, more and more netizens claimed to know the old man, who often dresses as different people every day. According to some netizens, he dresses as a cop sometimes, or a barangay official, or a traffic enforcer—this time, he decided to dress as an elementary student!

Some commenters said that Nixon was probably suffering from some kind of mental instability, as he would do his roleplaying any given time of day. He is in fact known as SPO2 Nixon in Cavite!

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