No One Knows Where This Mom-To-Be Is, But Everyone Wants Her Home


Some people seem to have everything going for them in life.

Celeste Smith is one of those people. She’s beautiful and works as a lifeguard, with a robust group of friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, no one knows where she is.

After an unexpected pregnancy rocked her world, friends, family, and police are at a loss when it comes to finding her and bringing her back home.

Smith recently found out she was pregnant and she had plans to meet with her ex-boyfriend, the father. She never showed up to the meeting or an appointment regarding her pregnancy afterward.

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Her best friend, James Johnson, said her ex-boyfriend had broken up with her a few weeks earlier without explanation. It had left Smith heartbroken.

She hadn’t even told her mother she was expecting. Her mother hopes she is just lying low somewhere making a decision about the pregnancy.

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