No One Could Save This Little Girl When She Began Choking In Her School's Cafeteria


As parents, we assume that school staff will do everything possible to keep our children safe. When a pre-kindergarten student started choking during lunch in Fort Worth, Texas, however, no one knew how to save her.

On February 2, five-year-old Belen Maldonado was eating lunch at Worth Heights Elementary School when she began to choke. While someone should have been on hand to administer blows to the back, the Heimlich, or CPR, Belen collapsed. Emergency responders were called to the scene and Belen was rushed to Cook Children’s Hospital.

Sadly, it was already too late. Shortly after arriving to the hospital, Belen died. The next day, a medical examiner declared the official cause of death to be aspiration of food.

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When questioned about the incident, school spokesman Clint Bond would only say, “A child became ill in the cafeteria and was transported to the hospital, where unfortunately we were advised that she died.”

As of now, there’s been no report from the school as to why no one stepped in to help the young girl. Whether or not the Maldonado family will press charges against the school also remains unknown.

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