Mother Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Her Baby After All Hell Breaks Loose


Senseless violence seems like it’s all around us sometimes.

Every day, about 93 people die after being shot. This leaves their families heartbroken, and in some cases, leaves children without their parents.

During the 2010 Christmas season, Monique Nelson was in a strip mall parking lot with her 2-year-old son. She was getting him into his car seat when a shootout began.

Monique threw herself on top of her son and was hit by a stray bullet. She died at the scene, but her sacrifice saved her son’s life.

Monique’s mother, Deborah Nelson, penned an emotional letter recently, more than 5 years after her daughter’s death. She’s speaking out against gun violence.

“The truth is, gun violence does not discriminate. It can happen at any time, any place,” she writes.

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Nelson says that fighting against gun violence helps her keep her daughter’s memory alive for both herself and her grandson who she is now raising.

Her letter concludes, “One day, I hope my grandson will fully understand how much his mother loved him and how much she was loved by others. For him and for future generations, I will never stop fighting for an America free from gun violence.”

(via DailyMail and Moms Demand Action)

You can read Deborah Nelson’s full letter here. Share her daughter’s sacrifice to save her child with the moms you know who would do absolutely anything for their kids.

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