Family Finds Snake In Toilet…Which Leads To Other Horrifying Discoveries In Their Home


The toilet is one of the most vulnerable places we can be, so the thought of anything crawling out of one is pretty disturbing…to say the least.

Thankfully, I’ve never noticed any creatures coming out of my porcelain throne, but this family from Texas sure can’t say the same. They had the misfortune of finding a dangerous rattlesnake in their toilet, and things only got worse after that.

Cassie McFadden discovered the snake when her son came running to tell her. She used a shovel to kill it, but she didn’t realize that the horror was only just beginning.

When she called Nathan Hawkins, the owner of Big Country Snake Removal in Abilene, Texas, he decided to look around the house to make sure there weren’t any other snakes. Guess what he found in their storm cellar?

This giant pile of NOPE was made up of 13 more rattlesnakes.

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