Chinese Couple Mistook Superabsorbent Polymer Balls for Sweets—Their Daughter Ate 300 Pieces!


The child’s mother saw one and tried to taste it, but soon realized they were polymer balls!

As parents, we should always be vigilant with what we feed our children. Since many children practically put anything in their mouths, it is the parent’s job to check everything before giving food to the little ones.

This Chinese couple made a fatal mistake by giving their daughter a bottle of superabsorbent polymer balls—which they mistook for sweets. The little girl finished the whole bottle in no time. The child’s mom then saw one piece lying around and decided to give it a taste. She then realized they were actually ‘water babies’ that resembled sweets.

The girl’s mother returned to the supermarket to check how many balls were inside one bottle, as her daughter ate the entire bottle. She was horrified after she discovered that 280 water babies were in each bottle!

The parents immediately brought their child to the hospital, where the girl was given several x-rays and was examined thoroughly. Doctors found that their girl’s stomach was filled with spherical objects.

Since they were prompt in bringing their daughter to the hospital, the doctors were able to treat the girl immediately, leaving the stomach relatively unaffected. Doctors put her on medication to expel the polymer balls.

Three days after the incident, the girl was able to expel 200 of the water babies.

What are water babies?

Water babies are superabsorbent polymer balls that absorb and hold large amounts of water. They can expand up to 500% of their original mass when put in water, and are commonly used to supply water to plants.


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