Mother Beats four-year-old Girl to Death for Refusing to Brush Her Teeth—Shocking!


The girl sustained damages to her liver—and succumbed to her injuries at the hospital soon after.

Toddlers can be stubborn and hard-headed at times, especially when it comes to hygiene. Children often dislike brushing their teeth and taking a bath—which is normal for most children. Unfortunately, some parents tend to become impatient and do not tolerate this kind of behaviour. When they are unable to convince their children to do these things, they resort to violence.

A mother from Maryland was apprehended by the police after her 4-year-old daughter died after being physically abused. Apparently, she gave her daughter a kick to the stomach for refusing to brush her teeth. The victim then fell backwards, hitting her head on the living room wall.

20-year-old Iris Hernandez Rivas then called 911 after her daughter was unresponsive. She told officers who arrived on the scene that her daughter had entered the bathroom at approximately 11:15am and started the shower.

The statement continued: “After approximately 15 to 20 minutes had passed, Hernandez Rivas heard a noise from the bathroom which prompted her to check on her child.

“When Hernandez Rivas entered the bathroom, she stated that she observed her daughter face down in the bathtub. Hernandez Rivas said she waited approximately one hour before calling 911.”

But when the little girl was brought to the hospital, the medical staff told detectives that the girl was in serious condition. They stated “that the victim had multiple bruises on her body and was suffering from head trauma that may have been from the result of physical abuse”.

Police revealed: “She stated that at approximately 10:30am on the previous morning, she had kicked the victim in the abdomen after becoming angry at the victim for not brushing her teeth.

“Hernandez Rivas stated that as a result of being kicked, the victim fell backwards and struck her head on the living room wall.

“Hernandez Rivas reported that her daughter fell to the ground and appeared lethargic.

“The daughter then went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Hernandez Rivas said that she went to check on the victim and found her face down in the bath tub.

“Hernandez Rivas also told detectives that the bruises on multiple areas of the victim’s body were due to Hernandez Rivas striking her daughter with a belt several days prior.”

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