Apparently, All Cats Have One Of Five Personalities. Which One Is Yours?


There are roughly 600 million cats in the world, but according to researchers at Lincoln University, they all share the same five personalities.

Over the course of her career, Dr. Lauren Finka has “interviewed” more than 200 cats and their owners. Through a combination of behavioral tests with cats and a questionnaire for owners known as the Lincoln cat assessment, she came to the conclusion that all cats have one of five personalities.

According to Finka, a cat’s personality is determined by a combination of genetics and early-life experiences. The only question now is, what kind of cat do you have?

1. The Human Cat: These cats are comfortable sharing our lives, homes, and above all, our personal space! They adore being near their owners and love nothing more than laying on our laps.


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Human cats can be identified by their need for human affection. This includes gentle head butts, licks and kisses, and “making bread,” aka kneading us with their paws.


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