Can't Make It To Venice? This Little Town In Holland Has You Covered


The canals in Venice are famous for being the primary mode of transportation around the city.

Gondolas carry patrons on water, and there are barely any cars in sight. It’s the only place like it in the world…or is it?

Giethoorn, a tiny village in Holland, has come to be known as “Little Venice.” Like the well-known Italian city, it also has a canal system, and it’s absolutely adorable.

About 2,600 people live in Giethoorn. It’s considered to be one of the Netherlands’ hidden treasures.

The town was built by peat harvesters. After they dug peat out from the ground, waterways were formed.

Cities like Amsterdam also have many canals, but Giethoorn is almost only accessible by boats called punters.

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