This Guy's Story Will Make You Look At Your Limits In A Whole New Light


During my senior year of college, an advisor gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me ever since.

We were discussing the ways to handle obstacles and challenges in any situation when she began using a simple brick wall as an example. She mentioned that there are two ways people handle many of life’s obstacles: those who see the wall as a large roadblock and those who see the wall as nothing more than a combination of bricks that can be dismantled one by one.

Avid skateboarder Daniel Mancina is one of the latter. After being diagnosed with a rare eye disease, Mancina could have let his gradual blindness get the better of him, but instead, he’s taking his hopes and dreams to the next level.

Mancina was diagnosed with retinitis pigments (RP), a disease that slowly deteriorates a person’s vision, when he was just 13.

Over the last five years, Mancina’s RP has caused him to lose complete sight in his left eye.

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