Mom Left Home For Just A Few Minutes And Came Back To A Hilarious Sight


Taking care of a baby can be so hard.

Parents learn quickly how to be incredible multi-taskers, keeping their eyes on the baby while also going about their daily activities.

When mom Claudia Sorhaindo had to leave the house for a moment, she decided to leave her daughter Ava with her niece J’Ann, who came up with a brilliant method for keeping an eye on the baby that you have to see to believe.

J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich, but she didn’t want to leave the baby alone. That’s when she tucked her securely into the front of her shorts. “Lord send help this was her solution,” Sorhaindo wrote on Facebook. “Creativity at its finest.”

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The shorts reach up to the baby’s chest, securing her safely inside and leaving J’Ann’s hands completely free. That’s an ingenious parenting hack if I ever saw one!

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(via Huffington Post)

Now that’s what I call a resourceful babysitter! If this story made you laugh, be sure to share it with someone else who could use a smile today.

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