Elderly Korean Woman Attacked by a Younger American Woman in the Name of ‘White Power’


A woman attacked the old woman while shouting out, “White Power!”

There has been a huge spike in racial crimes against immigrants in America since Trump’s inauguration. Attacks were carried out against Jews and Muslims, Asians and many other immigrants who have been living in America for years.

Fears of heightened bigotry and hate crimes have turned into reality for some Americans after Donald Trump’s presidential win. And the list of incidents keeps growing. The latest attack would be that on an old Korean woman, who lived in America for almost 30 years.

A Facebook user, only identified by her surname Lee, expressed dismay over the attack.

Ms Lee criticized Trump, saying: ‘Trump’s America First policy has brought too much hatred and negative influence.

‘He turned America backwards in less than 2 weeks.

‘I am afraid that this can easily happen when I’m walking from the bus station, my house or my work.

‘Please don’t infect others with the hatred and ignorance of a man who can’t exercise true power.’


According to Ms Lee, the elderly Korean was walking in peace, when a younger white woman came running and suddenly pushed the old woman violently while shouting “White power!”

Shocked by the attack, the elderly woman fell backwards, resulting in a head injury. Apparently, the woman’s glasses broke into pieces, cutting her forehead. The elderly woman came to America 30 years ago and she is a citizenship holder, and she lives alone in an apartment. No further details have been confirmed.

The woman was chased after by bystanders, ultimately allowing police to arrest her. the 27-year-old attacker was jailed and bail is set at $50,000.

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