3 Siblings Waited Until Dad Dropped Them Off Before Telling Teachers Something Awful


It’s not unusual for small children to come to school and tell their teachers tall tales about what happens at home, but sadly, the tales these Missouri children were telling were more fact than fiction.

Authorities arrested 46-year-old Vicente Roldan-Marron and charged the man with armed criminal action and first-degree murder after his nine-year-old son told a teacher that he believed his father killed his mother.

According to court records, the boy recalled that an altercation between Roldan-Marron and his wife broke out soon after arriving home from church one day before things became physical. After leaving their parents to fight, the couple’s three children reportedly walked back upstairs and saw Mom’s lifeless body covered in blood.

When police arrested Roldan-Marron, he alleged that he had been drinking and taking pills and had blacked out before committing the heinous murder.


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What a horrible thing for three small children to have to witness. Share this post if you’re glad that this killer is being brought to justice.

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