These Are The Terrifying Stories Behind 8 Haunting Images


We all document our lives to some degree with pictures, but most of us tend to only take snapshots of the happier moments.

Unfortunately, some people have had the worst moments of their lives captured on camera — even during events that led right to their deaths.

From people helplessly trapped atop burning structures to the last known photos of murder victims, here are eight disturbing images that tell horrifying and heartbreaking stories.

1. In October 2013, four engineers were performing maintenance at the top of a wind turbine in the Netherlands when it suddenly caught fire. Two of the people were able to get off safely, but the stairs leading down were engulfed in flames. With the only exit blocked, the remaining workers stood atop the gondola next to the turbine before one of them jumped to their death. The other engineer stayed and died in the fire.

2. Thirteen-year-old Omayra Sánchez Garzón was living in Armero, Colombia, when the Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted in 1985.

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Her home was destroyed by a mud flow and she was pinned beneath the debris for three days in water.

It was impossible to free her without cutting off her
legs, so doctors agreed that letting her die was more humane because
they didn’t have the necessary equipment to safely amputate. Her slow death
was documented for 60 hours by journalists who did their best to
comfort her.

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