Polygamy and Pedophilia: 51-year-old Marries Five 13-year-olds and Now Has 29 Children with Them


He married 5 girls, aged 13-16 at the time they were impregnated.

Every child deserves to enjoy their childhood by playing and studying. When these young girls are married off too soon, their entire wellbeing and personal development are in danger. They are often disempowered and will remain dependent on their older husbands. They are neither physically nor emotionally ready to become mothers and wives, and yet they are forced into such a life.

Mormon Fundamentalist Tom Green, a known polygamist, lives in a remote desert outpost near the Nevada border, in a collection of 30 mobile homes christened “The Farm.” Here, he lives with his 29 children and five wives, who remain by his side despite accusations thrown at him by the public.

He went on trial for bigamy in a rare test of Utah’s 104-year-old ban on plural marriage back in 2000 and was imprisoned for 5 years. Only a handful of polygamists have ever been charged with bigamy, and prosecutors think the last trial was in the 1950s.

But polygamy wasn’t the only case against him. Apparently, he married his wives and impregnated them when they were just 13-16 years old—which was definitely against the law as well. Police were able to prove that his first wife, Linda Kunz, was born in 1973 and had her first child in 1986, which means she was only 13 when she had sex with Green. He was convicted in 2002 for child rape.

Six years after, he was released and was finally reunited with his family. But Green and his legal wife also said they will do whatever it takes to avoid a return to prison.

His wives were very supportive of him, claiming he was a good person and doesn’t deserve to be in prison. This made it hard for the court to prolong Green’s prison time—as no one would testify against him.

“This is about coming back to father 20 children that have been six years without the financial and emotional support of a father,” Linda Kunz Green said during the hearing.

The six years without Green, she said, were ”a very big struggle for us ladies as the mothers to carry on our own… the children need their father.”

All his wives are in their 30’s today. His fifth ‘spiritual wife’ left him while he was in prison. The Utah court refused him rights to stay in contact with her and their five children.

Every year 15 million girls are married as children, denied their rights to health, education and opportunity, and robbed of their childhood. If we do nothing, by 2030, an estimated 15.4 million girls a year will marry as children.

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