His Girlfriend Claims She Sees The Dead, And What She Told Him Has Him Convinced


This guy was skeptical when his new girlfriend told him that she could see dead people, but what she said next shook him to his core.

In any new relationship, there’s bound to be some baggage that one partner or the other needs to get off their chest. That said, it’s not every day that you date someone who claims to be a medium. This Redditor recently shared that his girlfriend can not only see ghosts, but was able to describe his dead relative perfectly. What follows is his own words.

“I started dating this girl recently and she’s revealed to me that she’s seen and spoken to ghosts, then she said that she sees them daily, she was at my house the week before and I asked if there are any ghosts there (because I’ve felt a strange presence in my house several times over the years).”

“She said there were 3, one in the front living room, she thinks he died there a long time ago and they want to be left alone, there was another one in my garage that she wasn’t sure was a ghost but an entity, like leftover emotions of anger and rage gathered in an area (kinda like the goo under the city in ‘Ghostbusters’).”

“The third one she said was always with me, she said that he’s been with me on every one of our 6 or so dates.”

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