Forget Groundhog Day — Hedgehog Day Is Where It's At (And These Photos Prove It)


Every February 2, we look to our favorite weather-predicting groundhog Punxsuatawney Phil to tell us how much more cold weather we’ll have to deal with. But did you know that back in the day, Romans used hedgehogs for the same purpose?

As part of their weather-predicting ritual, ancient Romans would use hedgehogs as their animal meteorologists. Eventually, this tradition was brought over to the U.S. by German immigrants with one minor tweak. Since hedgehogs were few and far in between, they substituted in groundhogs and the rest is history. So to honor the original weather-predicting critters, here are 22 adorable hedgehogs that would give any groundhog a run for its money.

1. They took some extra safety precautions to make sure they never lose their hedgehog around the house.

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2. I’ll have a double shot of cuteness any day.

3. You can’t leave this little guy alone for more than a minute without him getting into trouble.

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