The Apartment Was On Fire, So They Did The Only Thing They Could To Save Their Baby


A fire can be a devastating tragedy for any family.

Beyond the terrible loss of property, fires also pose a significant risk of death. This can be especially true for places like apartment buildings, where stairs and multiple residences make it more difficult for people to get out.

One young couple recently found themselves fighting for their lives — and the life of their baby — in an apartment fire. What they did may have saved their child’s life.

Luke Hayes and Kristy Morton awoke one night to smoke filling their apartment. Their door handles were hot, so they knew they were trapped.

“I was in bed asleep and I heard ‘fire’ from down below and there was smoke everywhere in the unit. I thought I was going to die,” Luke said.

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Kristy grabbed their seven-month-old daughter, Nevaeh, but there was nowhere to turn. She looked out the window and saw some neighbors below. “I was so scared but I had to get her out, and I was so relieved to see Tony and Charlie down there,” she said.

Kristy’s only choice was to carefully throw Nevaeh down to the two men below. Thankfully, they were able to catch her safely.

Tony Finn says the baby was happy like “an angel” when he caught her, proving that kids are resilient even in the face of danger.


After they saw the baby was safe, Luke and Kristy were able to climb down a ladder and escape. “It was extraordinary, but people do extraordinary things,” said Fire and Rescue’s Inspector Graham Kingsland.

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The family is currently being housed elsewhere and the cause of the fire is being investigated. I’m so glad they all made it out safely! Share this story of bravery with your loved ones.

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