He Posted An Image Thinking It Was Nothing…Then Police Showed Up At His Home


There is a fine line between dark humor and being offensive, but what this high school student tweeted in poor taste ended up getting him arrested.

When 17-year-old Redditor TheShickness came home from a college tour one day, he decided to post a meme on Twitter that he thought was pretty funny. The image included a photo of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine High School shooters, along with the caption, “Me when I come home from school.”

He only saw it as a joke, but he had no idea how bad the consequences of his actions would be until police officers showed up at his house.

“This sort of dark humor was not out of the ordinary for me, and was something that made me stick out from the bunch amidst my peers. I sat at work later that night and pondered deleting the post, but I just thought nah, no one is gonna get all bent out of shape over this. I wasn’t even at school today!” he said.

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But he realized he was wrong when as he was driving, he noticed police cruisers following him all the way home. “Once I get out of the car they informed me someone had contacted the school over my tweet and was genuinely concerned with my intentions. I immediately retort that it was only a horrible attempt at dark humor and quickly deleted the post.”

“They then asked to search my bedroom and car to make sure I had no weapons, which I let them do because I could understand their concern and probable cause seemed real enough.”

obviously found nothing and were out of my house in minutes. They then
contacted my principal and I was told to not go to school on time next
day, but to come at 9 o’ clock and go immediately to the office.” That morning, he was informed that he was suspended for the rest of the
school year and would need to attend an expulsion hearing.

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