Footage Shows Chiropractor Setting Up Hidden Cameras To Videotape Assaults


In November 2013, a chiropractic patient noticed a small, flashing light while changing her clothes in a doctor’s office. Sickeningly, she’d caught a
pervert red-handed, guilty of recording at least 17 female patients without their permission and
sexually assaulting four others.

This year, Dr. Steven Foley of Kent, England, has finally been sentenced to almost nine years behind bars for his heinous crimes. The General Chiropractic Council has also repealed his right to practice.

Foley filmed female patients after asking them to strip down to their underwear to change into a medical gown. Prior to their appointments, he would set up hidden cameras throughout the room. In addition to this, women came forward to say that he had touched them inappropriately on their breasts and pubic region, and that they could “feel” his arousal. Police confiscated Foley’s computer, which had 17 voyeuristic videos as well as 51 images and films of women engaging in sexual acts with dogs and horses on it.

Here, you can see Foley methodologically setting up hidden cameras before the arrival of a female patient.

One victim said that she felt “torn to shreds” after finding out that she’d been filmed by the chiropractor. “I had to leave my university course and degree after being there for six months because I couldn’t cope with what happened.”

Judge Phillip St. John-Stevens took her words into account at the time of sentencing, saying: “You used your position of trust and you abused it, sexually assaulting a number of patients over a significant period and also covertly recording them for your own sexual gratification. The court has witnessed the impact of your crimes. There is deep and profound anguish in the minds of your victims. Words may not do justice to them.”

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This guy makes me sick. Be sure to share this story with others as a warning to be aware of their surroundings, even when in a seemingly safe environment.

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