A Man Followed This Couple Down The Aisle. Then, He Pulled A Gun


It sounds like the plot of “Kill Bill,” but in Brazil, a would-be assassin truly did follow a couple down the aisle at their wedding and open fire on guests.

Reportedly, the gunman, Umberto Ferreira dos Santos, was seeking revenge for the death of his son. Since the main suspect in his son’s killing, Edmilson Bezerra da Silva, was serving as a groomsman at the wedding, he thought it would be the perfect time to catch him off guard.

After following the bride and groom down the aisle, dos Santos appeared to be taking a seat. But instead, he awkwardly pulled a gun from his waistband and fired six shots, injuring da Silva and two others. All three victims survived, but as of this writing, Santos is still on the run.

It’s a chaotic and disturbing scene — and something that you’d never expect to see at a wedding.

After the traumatic event, an anonymous witness told local news:

“We have no idea what is the motive of this attempted murder, nor why it was done precisely during the wedding, as the victims walked around the town freely and any time of the day or night.”

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We know we live in a sad world when a couple can’t even get married without the fear of getting shot. Share this story to help bring the deranged gunman to justice.

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