She Was Giving Her Baby A Bath When All Of A Sudden It Sounded Like A Gun Went Off


Does your shower have a glass door? If so, you need to know about this freak accident that recently injured a tiny baby.

On January 24, U.K.-based mom Stacy Louise was giving her one-year-old daughter, Elsieè-Maie, a bath. Then, as she and her partner were watching their little girl splash and play, it sounded like someone fired a gun. Inexplicably, the glass shower door had exploded.

Glass rained down on Elsieè-Maie. Stacy said, “I have never in my life moved so fast as I did to try and shield her from being hurt or from further damage!”

Sadly, despite Stacy’s quick actions, the little girl was covered in small wounds. They aren’t scratches, her mom said, but missing chunks of skin.

Stacy is relieved that her little girl wasn’t hurt worse, but she was disturbed to find out that the random breakage of glass shower doors is quite common. Her door was only two years old and showed no signs of cracks or other compromises.

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