Legend Has It That This Woman Killed More Than 650 Victims In Her Day


Some say she was a vampire, others claim she was just a cold-blooded killer. Either way, with as many as 650 victims, Countess Elizabeth Báthory has gone down as the most prolific female serial killer in history.

Between 1585 and 1609, Báthory imprisoned, tortured, and murdered hundreds of young girls, many of them peasants. Although historians have long debated the root cause of her evil crimes, no one is quite sure how Báthory transformed from an elite member of Transylvanian aristocracy to “the Blood Countess.” Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that she was guilty. On the day of her arrest, she was found surrounded by dead, dying, and imprisoned young women.

Báthory married Count Ferenc Nádasdy, one of Hungary’s wealthiest men, at the age of 15. As a wedding gift, he presented his bride with Čachtice Castle.

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Within these castle walls is where the bulk of Báthory’s murders took place. However, she also committed brutal killings on at least four more of her family’s properties.

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