The CIA Just Released Thousands Of Documents…And You're Gonna Want To Look At Them


If you’ve ever wanted to read Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) files about UFOs and other strange subjects, you’re in luck.

The CIA has recently released almost a million declassified documents.

Though the files have been accessible to the public since 1995, they were only available during limited hours on a few computers in the National Archives in Maryland. After a 2014 lawsuit from the nonprofit news organization MuckRock demanded a copy of its database, the agency has released over 12 million pages that can been viewed online by anyone with an internet connection. These files include news clippings, letters, and reports from as early as the 1940s — and some of them are pretty wild.

From UFO sightings to recipes for invisible ink, here are a few of the craziest documents you can find in the CIA Electronic Reading Room.

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1. One document yields information about the investigations into self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller’s supposed abilities to sense the paranormal.

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