Guide Says That Gators Don't Come After You Unless Provoked, Then One Runs At Them


“That’s horseshit. It doesn’t work like that. That’s TV.”

Earlier this month, Tylor Hindery and his wife were vacationing in Florida when their boat tour got stuck in a mud bank. Just inches away, a too-close-for-comfort alligator was relaxing on a log. The boat guide told the tourists not to worry, that alligators only attack when provoked. Hindery was nervous, but he began to film a Facebook Live video. What happened next is absolutely terrifying.

At 0:40, I nearly jumped out of my seat. I had NO idea that gators could move so fast!

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Yikes! Just one more reason to always be careful in Florida. Be sure to SHARE this shocking video with your friends and family, especially those who live in or are planning to visit the Sunshine State.

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