25 Things That Only Kids Who Went To School In The '80s Or '90s Will Appreciate


If you went to school in the ’80s or ’90s, get ready for some serious nostalgia.

These 25 pictures will take you down memory lane, to the days when text messages were a handwritten note, a game of MASH determined your future, and Google was a card catalog in the library. Sure, kids today have all sorts of awesome technology, but there’s no denying that the ’80s and ’90s were a golden age for school students. From square pizza to the Scholastic Book Fair, it was quite a time to be a kid.

1. The best part about going back to school was picking out a new Trapper Keeper.

2. And you had to have one of these to keep all your stuff in.

3. Everyone owned a ridiculously cool lunch box with a matching thermos.

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