What People Found In This Woman's House Is Disturbing On Every Level


This elderly woman was found living with two corpses, but she’s no Ed Gein. In fact, the authorities say that she’s “a pleasure to talk to.”

While Jean Stevens is a sweet, old lady who will probably remind you of your grandma, there’s no denying that what she did is totally bizarre. After her husband, James, died in 1999, she had someone dig up his body just days after the funeral. For the next 11 years, his corpse hung out on a couch in her garage.

Then, in 2009, Stevens’ twin sister died and — you guessed it! — was dug up shortly after burial. Stevens placed her beloved sister in a spare room, but in 2010, a relative tipped off authorities.

Stevens admits that death is hard for her to handle. When the longing to see her husband and sister again became too much, she had their bodies dug up. Her husband’s corpse lived in the garage for a decade, while her sister was only in her home for a few months before both bodies were removed by police.

When asked about her sister, she explained, “When you put them in [the ground], that’s goodbye, goodbye. In this way, I could see her and touch her and look at her and talk to her.”

The same reasoning was applied when questioned about her husband: “I could see him, I could look at him, I could touch him.”

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