Dad Came Home To Find His Daughter Sleeping Outside…And Did Nothing About It


On January 21, someone noticed a naked little girl walking on a street in Live Oak, Florida, just before 8 a.m.

The scared 10-year-old was hungry, thirsty, and had cuts and bruises all over her feet. When officers from the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office got involved and went to the girl’s house, they learned that not only did her dad and his wife have no idea where she was, but that they were the ones responsible for her condition.

Marc and Brenda Marshall are now being charged with aggravated child abuse after Brenda (who is not the girl’s biological mother) forced her out of the house as punishment for urinating and defecating on the floors.

Marc told police that when he got home from work the night before, his
wife informed him that his daughter would be sleeping in the backyard.

Neither of the two gave the girl any clothes to wear and made her stay outside near a section of paved concrete all night. While temperatures didn’t reach lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, she had absolutely nothing on.

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Neither Marc nor Brenda checked on the girl even once. She was found about a mile away from their home the next morning.

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