Woman Spends $12,000 on Plastic Surgery—Gets Her Face Disfigured by Her Jealous ‘Best Friend’!


Both women had plastic surgery done—and both got disfigured in their fight.

A young woman, known as Tian, said she had recently spent around 60,000 yuan ($12,000) undergoing plastic surgery in Hangzhou, eastern China. The results were good—too good for her best friend, that is!

She was so satisfied with the results that she even told Zhejiang Television Station in an interview that she had been very happy with the ‘white skin, big eyes and high nose bridge’ the surgery had given her.

But on the night of January 15, upon seeing the beautiful results, her best friend allegedly disfigured her face in an attempt to make her look ‘ugly’. According to Tian, her best friend surnamed Hu, whom she was living together with, was jealous with the plastic surgery results and suddenly attacked her.

She added that Hu had intended to damage her face so that she would have to receive plastic surgery one more time.

But according to reports, Hu claimed that she had plastic surgery done to her face as well—and Tian pointed out that hers was more expensive, therefore better-looking. They got into a fight which lasted 3 rounds—leaving both of their faces damaged and disfigured!

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