When You Do This At Night, It Actually Makes You GAIN Weight


If you’re exercising and eating healthy but still not losing weight, you’ll want to check out these 11 nighttime habits that actually make you pack on the pounds.

To be honest, I’m guilty of a few of these. For me, bad nighttime habits started in college when I would often stay up late to study, but they’ve followed me into adulthood.

Are you guilty of any of these gut-growing vices?

1. Overeating at dinner.

We all know overeating is bad for our health, but doing so in the evening is even worse. At night, your digestion slows down, which means that your body doesn’t have time to metabolize a huge dinner. In addition, watching TV at dinnertime has been shown to make people eat more.

Here’s what to do: If you’re looking to lose weight, choose dinners with plenty of lean proteins and vegetables, and enjoy them in the company of music or friends, rather than television.

2. Skipping dinner altogether.

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