Severely Depressed Man Buys Life-like Doll and Treats her like a Real Daughter—and He’s Happy!


It may seem like a simple doll to others, but he finds comfort and happiness in it!

What causes depression? We have been seeing people killing themselves for reasons that they are depressed. Even celebrities who we think have it all, take their own lives, leaving us asking ourselves– “Am I depressed too?”

There are many reasons to be depressed. It may range from a simple boyfriend-girlfriend break-up, up to the death of somebody really close to you. But, some people are depressed for no reason at all. Yes, you read it right, NO reason at all. Some people just feel sad without any reason, and these kinds of depressions are the hardest to crack.

For Song Bo, his depression came after he was diagnosed with a serious illness. He started experiencing headaches and pain—leading to a deeper depression. Doctors told him he can never have children—or marry for that matter.

When he came across a life-like doll in a website called Taobao, he realized he needed that doll in his life. 4’10 doll for $2,200 and instantly fell in love with it. Today, he treats the doll as his real daughter and brings her everywhere he goes.

While people may view his odd liking to the doll as taboo or simply sad, Song Bo’s mom believes that the doll has a positive effect on his son.

Since bringing the doll home, his mother noticed that he began smiling again—slowly returning to his normal self. He brings it along all his trips, and so a girl he calls Xiao Die “little butterfly” made his days brighter.

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