25 Vintage Lunchboxes That'll Make You Yearn For Simpler Days


Do your kids think that packing lunch is “uncool?” I live with two teenagers who insist they have to buy lunch to be one of the cool kids, but I’m willing to bet that these 25 vintage lunchboxes would change their minds!

Kids today have a lot of fun and interesting technology, but when it comes to lunchboxes, they are really missing out. Just seeing them reminds me of a simpler time when I would play outside all day until the streetlights turned on. Then I knew it was time to hightail it home! From movies to music to cartoons, these lunchboxes will give you a serious case of nostalgia.

1. Who wouldn’t want to bring their lunch to school in a sweet E.T. lunchbox?

2. Vintage lunchboxes didn’t just have a sticker or logo on them — they really knew how to show off a scene.

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