Take a Peek inside China’s ‘Kingdom of Little People’—a Place Often Called a ‘Human Zoo’!


People from the outside are not happy about how these ‘dwarfs’ are separated from society.

A theme park in Kunming, China, a small kingdom thrives on their own. But it is not your ordinary community, as not everyone can stay in the said kingdom.

The dwarf kingdom, or kingdom of little people, only admits people who are below 4 feet and 3 inches in height. People from the outside call the theme park a ‘human zoo’, believing that these dwarfs are forced to stay away from society, and are segregated into this small community. But take a peek inside their lives, and understand why they do not want to live this kingdom.

When did it all start?

In 2009, the park was created by Chen Mingjing after seeing dwarf beggars at a railway station, once said, “I hope this ‘kingdom’ can help them live better lives.”

The community’s acceptance rules are simple: “People who wish to live there should have no infectious diseases, no one older than 50, and no one taller than 4 feet 3.”

Aside from being paid for their performances and work done in the community, they are offered a place to stay in, and food to eat as well. But this isn’t the reason why these people want to stay in the community.

The outside world has been cruel to them. They were ridiculed, bullied, and often cast away by normal humans, throwing them into depression and a sad life. But when they were introduced into this kingdom, they learned how to mingle with others, laugh with other, and even fall in love!

Watch their amazing life below:

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