Legend Says That This Mannequin In A Bridal Shop Is Actually A Corpse


Tucked inside La Popular, a bridal shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, is a beautiful bride wearing a stunning wedding dress.

She is not your typical bride, though — she is a mannequin, and unfortunately for her, her wedding day will never come. But unlike most mannequins, she may be tied to the living in a completely creepy way. According to an old legend, the bride is actually the perfectly preserved corpse of the daughter of a former owner of the shop.

The mannequin known as La Pascualita has been in the window of La Popular since March 1930.

She catches the attention of many passersby who are quick to notice her distinct skin tone, glass eyes, and real hair.

Many say that the mannequin holds a startling resemblance to Pascuala Esparza, the daughter of someone who used to own the bridal shop.

Esparza was set to marry her fiancé when an unfortunate bite from a black widow spider killed her before she could say “I do.”

Deeply saddened, Esparza’s mother is believed to have had her daughter preserved and mummified by professionals before having her placed in the shop window.

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The rumor spread across the small Mexican town, but the woman adamantly denied it.

Over the years, the twisted legend has become more and more elaborate. Some say that every night, the bride is visited by a lovesick magician who brings her back to life so that they can dance the night away.

Others report that her eyes have followed people around, and a few have even declared that they have seen her shift positions throughout the day.

True believers of the legend have allegedly left flowers and other gifts for the bride.

The current store owner, Mario Gonzalez, doesn’t seem too bothered by the hype surrounding his star mannequin.

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In fact, he is probably a little bit pleased by it, as the bride draws in business from around the world.

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