Extraordinary Moment When Monkeys Mourn the Death of a Robot Thinking It Was One of Their Own!


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These primates grieve thinking the spy monkey robot was part of their group.

Many families and house owners usually have pets like dogs and cats. These animals show affection by barking and hugging you when you get home—showing how animals have emotion too.

The more we study animals, the less special we seem. The evidence that animals are more intelligent and more social than we thought seems to grow each year, especially when it comes to primates. Primates often show behavior that are similar to that of humans, and it continues to amaze us to this day. As a matter of fact, this recent video shows that primates show human-like emotions too.

The BBC’s new “Spy in the Wild” documentary series is based on introducing animatronic creatures equipped with spy cameras into animal communities to explore animal behavior and emotions up close.

This time, the show studies how a group of Langur monkeys in India react to a “new” member of the colony. They accept the baby Langur monkey, even trying to take care of it at one point. But as tragedy struck and the robot falls off a tree, the Langur monkeys show unexpected and extraordinary behavior. Watch the amazing documentary below:


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