This Is Reason Number One Why You Should Never Tailgate — Holy Crap!


My teenage sister recently learned to drive, and I’ve spent the last few weeks gripping the passenger door handle and telling her not to tailgate people. After showing her this video, however, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it ever again!

Besides being a jerk move, tailgating is dangerous. As I often tell my sis, I’m less worried about her making a mistake and more concerned with other drivers screwing up. There’s no telling when the person in front of you is texting, messing with the radio, or even scarier, forced to come to an abrupt stop.

The guy in this video was driving down the road when he learned firsthand just how dangerous other drivers can be. He should have slowed down the moment that smoke began to impair his vision, but he cranked the tunes and kept on driving.

At 0:07, I nearly jumped out of my seat. The driver clearly didn’t see what was coming through the cloud of smoke — and neither did I!


Here you can see the aftermath of the wreck. Luckily, no one seems to be hurt, but both cars suffered serious damage.


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