Tattoos Drawn With One Line Are Beautiful And Simple Works Of Art


Today, more people than ever have tattoos and wear them proudly as they become more acceptable in society.

The talented tattoo artists who are responsible for making this art form possible have aesthetic sensibilities that span a broad spectrum, and it’s amazing to see the trends that they’re inking on Instagram and Tumblr.

One such trend is the one-line tattoo, in which an entire piece is made up of of one simple black line. The result is a gorgeous and minimalistic image that will always stay sharp and classic. Here are some of our favorites.

1. The Force will always be with this person.

2. This hanger helps remind its wearer that they can keep hanging on despite any difficulties.

3. Perfect for anyone who loves to dance. Check out that heart hidden in her skirt!

4. Seahorses are some of the most fascinating and beautiful creatures in the ocean.

5. This manta ray will keep swiming forever.

6. One-line tattoos can highlight the beauty of the body’s form.

7. Wear your heart on your sleeve, or anywhere else, for a classic and sweet design.

8. Some artists can even do convincing portraits with just one line.

9. A regal lion is always an amazing tattoo choice.

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10. Howl at the moon with this intricate wolf pattern.

11. In memory of the late, great David Bowie, a tattoo as artistic as he was.

12. There’s something simple and stunning about a single flower.

13. One-line tattoos can even be bold.

14. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean small! This enormous floral pattern covers so much of his body.

15. A permanent bracelet will always point you in the right direction.

16. Geometric patterns can be used to create small or large pieces.

17. Keep man’s best friend by your side always.

18. Faces are often difficult to draw, but this one line manages to incorporate two of them seamlessly.

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19. Owls are a symbol of wisdom, and this elegant design is a smart choice.

They’re all so awesome! Which one of these designs would you get inked? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to share these works of art with the tattoo lovers in your life.

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