He Brutally Attacked His Dog On Film, But His Response Might Be The Worst Part


When people get caught in some pretty compromising situations, their instincts tell them to plead their innocence and deny any truth to the matters at hand.

While this might have worked in a pre-technology world, with so many social media and video sharing websites, small acts of violence that might not have made it to the front page in the past are now attracting the attention of thousands of viewers around the world.

With all eyes on those responsible in these cases, the accused has two options when it comes to their online presence during an active scandal: remain mum about the topic at hand, or go off on social media, starting arguments with people they’ve never met before.

For one man in the U.K., after video of him violently harming his pet surfaced online, his social media antics certainly aren’t helping him prove his innocence at all.

Thomas Millar is facing public scrutiny after a neighbor captured him brutally kicking his husky in the head in his backyard.

Since surfacing on Facebook and YouTube, the footage is now in the hands of the police, who are actively investigating the incident.

When asked by friends regarding the less-than-flattering video, Millar laughed it off by saying, “And life still goes on.”

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