When Her Husband And Lover Couldn't Get Her Pregnant, She Did Something So Heinous


Not being able to have a child is a devastating reality for many women, but could you imagine if it drove someone to murder?

Unfortunately for this woman’s ex-husband and lover, their inability to get her pregnant cost them their lives. In 2008, now 38-year-old Estibaliz Carranza, also known as the “ice cream killer,” shot and killed her former husband, Holger Holz, before dismembering his body with a chainsaw. Two years later, she did the same thing to Manfred Hinterberger, her new boyfriend.

After divorcing Holz, Carranza says that he refused to move out of their home, so she snuck up behind him one night, held a gun to the back of his head, and shot him. A couple of years later, she shot Hinterberger in his sleep following a drunken argument.

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She cut up both of their bodies with a chainsaw, froze them in a deep-freeze refrigerator, and hid the remains inside concrete in the basement of her ice cream shop in Vienna, Austria. She had reportedly taken a shooting class as well as a concrete mixing class just before Hinterberger’s murder.

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