What He Does Will Have You Using Clean Diapers In Tons Of New Ways


What happens when your child outgrows their diapers and finally learns to go to the bathroom on their own?

If you’re someone who buys in bulk and you really overestimated the amount of time it’d take to potty train your tot, you can’t just throw them away! You spent good money on those.

Rather than throwing extra diapers in the trash, repurpose them. Instructables user wilgubeast shares 10 disposable diaper uses that will have you feeling good about that mountain of extra diapers even after your little one graduates to Pull-Ups.

1. Did your favorite book take a watery plunge? Allow the super-absorbent properties of diapers soak up the excess moisture and save your classics.

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2. Running low on Swiffer pads? Clean up liquid messes in no time with this diaper hack!

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