His Friend Harassed a Girl Wearing Sexy Clothes—What He Does Will Astonish You!


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Change your thinking, not women’s clothes.

Millions of women are being harassed and molested by the second. Given a chance, men take advantage of their weaknesses and do whatever they want—whenever they want. If you do nothing when you see it, it is just as good as helping these men.

In India, Rape is considered the fourth most common crime against women. Women are sometimes openly molested or harassed while nobody steps in to help them. Like anywhere else in the world, rape is performed by people who want to feel powerful.

Many people promote rape culture by blaming the victims. They say that the women ‘asked for it’ and that they were ‘wearing too revealing clothes’. Always take note that women are being molested and harassed not because they wore revealing clothes or “asked for it”, but because the rapists chose to victimize them.

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