Enraged Wife Drags Husband’s Mistress Out of the Car, Strips Her Down, and Cuts Her Hair Off!


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Where is the man responsible for everything?

Many incidents involving infidelity surround China. Some men openly cheat and have mistresses on the side as a status symbol. An affair might be a secret elsewhere, but Chinese men support multiple women, in part, to openly flaunt their wealth and social status. For Chinese men there’s no status symbol like a mistress, or two, or three, or four—just don’t get caught!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. A woman who is emotionally hurt can do things she herself will never expect. This woman just caught her husband’s “other woman’ and immediately proceeded to taking her revenge.

The enraged woman and several of her friends dragged the mistress out of her car before beating her. The confrontation led to a physical brawl, where the mistress was stripped of her clothes and was continuously beaten by the woman.

The Chinese wife even proceeded to cut the mistress’ hair as the latter lied on the ground crying in helplessness. A crowd gathered around them, but nobody dared to stop the woman from beating the mistress!

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