24 Kid Fails That Will Make You So Thankful Facebook Wasn't A Thing Back In Your Day


Like most of you reading this, I was fortunate enough to grow up before social media became the life-sucking monster it is today.

I believe it was either in 7th or 8th grade when I first signed up for a Myspace account and by then I’d like to think I had most of my youthful embarrassments behind me. Back in the good ol’ days, if your parents wanted to show off an embarrassing picture of you wearing a frilly dress or picking your nose, they had to carry around a photo album or wait for dates to show up at your house.

Today, that’s not the case. Before your crush ever sets foot in front of your mother, they’ve snooped through Facebook and looked at every single horrifying photo you’ve ever been tagged in. They say nothing on the internet never really disappears, and if that’s so, then these 24 kids are going to be mad at their parents in a few years.

1. We can’t ALL be photogenic first thing in the morning.

2. This tiny heartthrob might want to work on his kissing skills.

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