If You Don't Think You Need To Wear Sunscreen, Think Again. Her Story Is Proof.


If you think your skin is too dark to need sunscreen, you’d better think again. This formerly bronze, sun-loving mom spent decades ignoring warnings to wear sunscreen and is now undergoing painful treatment to remove precancerous cells from her face.

Being white as a ghost myself, I always slather on sunblock before stepping outside. Within minutes, I’ll burn to a painful crisp. I’ve even experienced the awful discomfort of sun poisoning.

However, many of my darker-skinned friends claim they don’t need sunscreen because they don’t get burned. I’ve often wondered if that was correct or if they were leaving themselves exposed to harmful rays from the sun.

Mags Murphy, a 47-year-old mom from Ireland, has an important message for anyone who thinks they don’t need sunscreen. Earlier this month, doctors found precancerous cells on her face and prescribed a painful cream to burn them off.

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At first, the cream made it feel like she’d shaved her face with a dry razor. By day six, however, she said the pain was comparable to stubbing a cigarette out on your skin.

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