He Was Surprised By Beautiful ‘Light Pillars’ In the Night Sky—He Just Witnessed a Rare Phenomenon!


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These light beams are believed to only occur in Polar Regions—but he saw this in Canada!

Timothy Joseph Elzinga of Ontario was stunned to see something out of the ordinary in the skies. He immediately took a video of what he believes were the famed Northern lights, which only occur in Polar Regions.

He said: ‘I saw beams of light, looking like something out of Star Trek or Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’

On Jan. 6, temperatures dropped to minus-18 degrees Celsius, or minus-0.4 degrees Fahrenheit—which allowed this rare occurrence to happen.

What are light pillars?

A light pillar is an atmospheric optical phenomenon in the form of a vertical band of light which appears to extend above and/or below a light source. The effect is created by the reflection of light from numerous tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere or clouds.

While they are most often witnessed in Polar Regions, the frigid temperatures in North Bay, Ontario, about a 3.5-hour drive north of Toronto, seemed to do the trick. On Jan. 6, the temps dropped to minus-18 degrees Celsius, or minus-0.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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