They Saw Something On A Cliff And Went To Investigate…Then They Found This Pup!


In Utah, a rescue crew tried to save a beagle named Mary who was trapped on a snowy cliff. The poor pooch was so frightened, though, that she refused their help!

When Shaun Roundy, a volunteer with Utah County Search and Rescue, heard that a neighbor’s dog was stuck on a mountainside, he was happy to help. How the beagle managed to get in such a predicament is unknown, but to reach her, a team had to climb the mountain and rappel down to her location.

Despite the team’s efforts, Mary refused to go to them. As the sun set, everyone realized that staying any longer would put their own lives in danger. They left her with some hand warmers, a can of sardines, and a granola bar, and vowed to return the next morning.

Watch footage of the rescue below. You’ll see that they truly did everything they could.


Incredibly, before rescuers returned the next morning, Mary showed up on her owner’s doorstep! How she managed to get up or down the mountain is a mystery. According to Roundy, she was a bit cut up but suffered no serious injuries.

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