Mom Molests Young Son…While On Skype With A Cop


After nearly four years of court proceedings, NYPD officer Alberto Randazzo has pleaded guilty to instructing moms to molest their young sons via Skype.

Officer Randazzo met the mothers on dating sites like and Ashley Madison, but he clearly wasn’t looking for a relationship. In 2013, Randazzo’s then-girlfriend, Jenney Zerello, became concerned about his behavior after he spent more time talking to a seven-year-old girl than adults at a holiday party. She cracked the password on his phone and computer, where she found 23 images of child pornography, some featuring babies as young as one year old. In addition, there were recorded Skype meetings of mothers molesting their sons.

Immediately, Zerello turned Randazzo in to the police. In court, he admitted to his crimes stating, “We had conversations via Skype chat and certain language was used to entice her to sexually abuse her child. I’m trying to think of the right word…It was ‘simulated,’ that’s the word.”

One mother has been sentenced to five years in jail, while others have yet to face trial. Randazzo is facing 24 to 30 years in prison.

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Personally, I think they should lock this guy up and throw away the key. There’s never an excuse for exploiting children, but cops and mothers are the very people who are supposed to keep kids safe. Share the story of this sick police officer with your friends to see what they think.

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