Female Workers Give Male Colleagues Simulated Oral Sex at Chinese Company Event—Shocking!


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The company is now receiving negative backlash from netizens around the world!

Company events are much more than just a fun time for employees to gather. These events help validate your employees, promote creativity, boost company morale, and create a better more focused team.

Company events are great for boosting company morale. Celebrations are proven to lead to a boost in positive feelings about the company from employees. When the office morale is up employees tend to be more motivated. Therefore, productivity goes through the roof.

But for the female employees of a big Chinese Internet Company called Tencent, their annual company event became a truly embarrassing experience for them. To make things more ‘fun’, the company created a game, wherein female employees open a bottle of water wedged between their male colleagues’ legs, using nothing but their mouths, while their co-workers cheered them on.

The internet giant is now facing a major public backlash after a 7-second long video of the game leaked online, showing a fair of female workers on their knees in front of male colleagues on stage and participating in the lewd game.

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