Corrupt Politician Asked to Be Buried With Loads of Cash—So He Can Bribe God In the Afterlife!


He even asked his family to be present during the burial to make sure the money goes in!

When we die, we leave everything on earth. We don’t take anything with us. Even the richest people cannot take their money with them after death. This proverb reminds us that some material or worldly things are not really as valuable as we may think. But for this corrupt Ugandan politician, he believes that his wealth is still worth something once he reaches the afterlife.

Before finally succumbing to his illness, 52-year-old Charles Obong from Uganda wrote a will. In his will, he asks his family to bury him with money—enough to “bribe” God with it! To grant his wishes, his family buried him with at least $5,700 (almost P284,000) inside his casket because he reportedly wanted to give it to God as an “offertory” to forgive him for his sins and “save him from hell fire.”

The deceased’s brother-in-law confirmed that Obong’s corpse was exhumed with $100 notes amounting to a total of $5,700.  He was buried at his ancestral home at Adag-ani village, Bar-pii parish, Aromo Sub-county in Lira District, inside a metallic coffin estimated to have cost over $5 million!

According to reports, Obong has been quite corrupt during his time in ‘serving’ the people, and has admitted to his sins and multiple counts of corruption. Many people believe that most of his riches came from that.

But when Reverend Joel Agel Awio learned about the bizarre request, he asked for the body to be exhumed. He then returned the money to the family, stating that it was ‘taboo’ to bury the dead with money.


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